Migrate Data to Subscription Accounts

You can migrate project and run data from existing private accounts to workgroups in Professional or Enterprise subscriptions.

Migrate Data to a Professional Account

To migrate data to or from a Professional workgroup, Transfer Ownership of the data to a designated user in the workgroup.

Migrate Data to an Enterprise Account

If you are transferring data to or from an Enterprise workgroup, both the owner and recipient must be members of the same workgroup.

Use the following steps to enable data transfer to an Enterprise account:

  1. Create a workgroup and select the Enable collaborators outside this domain option during setup. This option is required to enable data transfers to or from users outside the domain, and cannot be changed after the workgroup is created. See Manage Workgroups for more information.
  2. Invite members to the workgroup (the members must belong to the domain). To simplify transfer management, you may designate a single user account to receive and accept data ownership requests.
  3. Invite the data owner to the workgroup. After they have accepted the workgroup invitation, they can Transfer Ownership to a designated user in the workgroup.

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