How to plan Neoprep runs

NeoPrep is another option available via the Prep Tab which allows you to plan a run for the NeoPrep instrument. If you do not have a NeoPrep instrument, you will not see this option in the Prep Tab.

In order to get to the NeoPrep area of BaseSpace Hub, start by clicking Prep in the header. Now, you will see a NeoPrep option above the normal Prep tab workflow. Click on NeoPrep.



Select NeoPrep

  • Click on the Prep tab in the header
  • From within the Prep tab, click on NeoPrep



Create a New Run

From the NeoPrep run management screen, select Create New Run on the right



Configure Run - Part 1 - Select Protocol and Version

  • Select the Protocol and Version for the Run. The dropdown menus should help you make a decision here
  • Fill in other required fields for the Run like Run Name, Default Project, Sample Count, Insert Size, and PCR Cycles. This depends on the protocol and version that is selected
  • Click Next



Configure Run - Part 2 - Samples

  • Select a Well
  • Enter Biological Sample, Library Id, Index, and Insert Size
  • Repeat these steps for each well
  • Click Next


If your Biological Sample does not exist, you can create one here. Simply select the Sample in BaseSpace Hub and specify the Name, Species, and Nucleic Acid for the Sample. Once that information in entered, you can click Create to create and select that Biological Sample.



Configure Run - Part 3 - Review the Run

  • Review all of the Run information, this is your chance to update any information before planning the Run
  • Click Finish



Select Run or Library Card for Info

  • Before the Run is started, you have one final chance to review the Run and the Library Card
  • Click Done



View Run Results Report

Once the Run is started, you will be taken to the Run Report where there is more information available about the Run. On this page, you can - Monitor the Run - Download Logs via the Download Logs button - Download the Report via the Download Report button


Alternatively, you can create Biological Samples in BaseSpace Hub before step 4 above by following the instructions in Create a new Biological Sample or import one using the instructions in How to Import Biological Samples.


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