December 11, 2018 - 5.29 - FASTQ Filename Validation and App Bookmarking

  • Features

    • Added bookmarks to the app landing page. Bookmarked apps are listed in the sidebar adjacent to the apps list.

    • Added filename validation to uploaded FASTQ files. To prevent potential downstream app failure, the web uploader does not allow filenames that contain special characters.

    • A confirmation email is now sent when an inactive user reactivates their account by logging in.

    • Improved UI

      • Tabbed pages no longer display a subheader if the subheader is a duplicate of the tab name.

      • Initial Lane & QC Status label on the runs page is listed as Initial. Initial status was originally displayed as --.

    • The creation and updated dates for all resources in BaseSpace Sequence Hub are now formatted according to ISO-8601.

  • Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed an issue that caused problem when attempting to switch workgroups when the window size is small.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from downloading project files when in New mode.

    • Fixed some display issues in Safari.

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