Transfer Ownership

Transfer ownership or a run or project to give control of data to a collaborator or customer, or to move data between accounts. You can use this method to migrate data from a private account to a Professional or Enterprise workgroup. New owners must have a BaseSpace Sequence Hub account.

To transfer data to an Enterprise workgroup, both the transferring owner and the receiving owner must be members of the workgroup. For information about creating workgroups, enabling outside collaborators, and inviting users, see Workgroups.

When the new owner accepts the transfer, you lose control of the run or project. You cannot see the run or project unless the new owner shares it with you. For more information, see Sharing Data and Data Access After Share / Transfer.

Transferring a run or project does not alter any existing shares. For instructions on how to review and manage collaborators, see Manage Collaborator Access.

Transfer a project or run as follows:

  1. Select the project or run to transfer.

  2. Select Share, point to Transfer, and then select Transfer Ownership.

  3. Enter the email of the new owner and an optional message.

  4. Select Continue.

  5. Read the terms of transferring ownership, and select Transfer Now to accept. BaseSpace Sequence Hub emails the new owner to request acceptance of the ownership of the run or project. The transfer is complete when the new owner accepts.

  6. [Optional] View a list of transfers and their status.

    1. Select the Account menu, and then select Settings.

    2. Select Transfer History.

If items from a project are in the trash, you cannot transfer ownership of the project.

Cancel a Transfer

You can cancel an ownership transfer before the collaborator accepts the transfer.

  1. From the project or run, select Share, point to Transfer, and then select Cancel Transfer.

  2. Select Cancel Transfer to confirm the cancellation.

Accept a Transfer

A project or run that is transferred to you appears on the Dashboard. Accept the transfer to move the data into your account.

You can receive a project with a name that is the same as or similar to the name of an existing project in your account. After you have accepted the transfer, you can change the project name. For more information, see Edit Project Details.

  1. Select the Dashboard tab.

  2. Locate the project or run under Notifications, and then select Accept.

View Transfer History

  1. Select the account drop-down arrow and then select Settings.

  2. From the Settings page, select Transfer History.

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