7.4.0 - Run Planning Enhancements

September 21, 2022


  • Run Planning:

    • Renamed "Instrument Run Setup" to "Run Planning" in the New Run dropdown menu.

    • Run planning now consists of three stages: run settings, analysis configurations, and run review.

    • Added a "Save as Draft" option when planning a run. Draft runs are available through Sequence Hub but not on instruments. Once a draft is saved as Planned, it is available on supported instruments.

    • Improved the ability to import samples from a CSV file. A template CSV is provided for download, and v2 Sample Sheets can still be used to import samples.

    • Added multi-selection support for the Lane column in the Sample table.

    • Added new optional fields under run settings: Run Description and Library Tube ID.

    • Note that there is no change to saved data. Planned runs created using the previous version can still be viewed in Run Planning.

  • Removed product filter from Beadchip selection table in the Microarray Analysis Setup tool

Bugs Fixed

  • Improved error messages when launching an app with the API or CLI and no valid FASTQ files are found.

  • Improved performance when retrieving biosamples in preptab.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the email notification checkboxes in Settings to be unchecked even when turned on.

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