Prep Tab

The MiniSeq, NextSeq, and NeoPrep systems provide an option to set up a run in BaseSpace Sequence Hub using the Prep tab.

Create Biological Samples

Import Biological Samples

Prep Libraries

Import Sample Libraries

Set Up a Custom Library Prep Kit

Pool Libraries

Plan a Run

Run Prep for NeoPrep

Requeue FASTQ Generation

When you complete run setup in BaseSpace Sequence Hub, the run becomes available in the control software of the instrument. For instructions to complete the run, see the system guide for your instrument:

  • MiniSeq System Guide (document # 1000000002695)

  • NextSeq 550 System Guide (document # 15069765)

  • NextSeq 500 System Guide (document # 15046563)

  • NeoPrep System Guide (document # 15049720)

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