Share By Email

Use the Send Invitation option to invite a collaborator to share a project or run, and to manage collaborator access to shared resources. The shared project or run is visible to the collaborator when they are logged in to their account.

Use this option when you want greater control over who can view your data. For information about using a unique URL that can be used to invite a large group of people, see Share by Link.

When you share a project with a collaborator, the collaborator is granted read-only access to related biosamples, libraries, analyses, and data sets. You can optionally allow write access to the project, which allows collaborators to launch apps that write to the shared project.

When you share a run, related entities are not shared, however the names of entities might be visible in run details.

  1. Select a project or run.

  2. Select Share, then select Send Invitation.

  3. Enter the email address for the collaborator.

  4. [Optional] If you are sharing a run and want to share run data only, clear the Share Associated Project checkbox.

  5. Select Add Collaborator.

  6. [Optional] If you are sharing a project, select the access level.

    • Read Only—The collaborator can view data.

    • Write—The collaborator can launch apps that write to the project.

  7. Select Save Settings.

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