December 18, 2017 - 5.10 - Automatic Workgroup Switching and Additional API Security

  • Features
    • Added prompt to switch to the correct workgroup context for the run when opening a run owned by a different workgroup.
    • Added more security to the bulk biosample import API when scheduling analysis workflows.
    • Updated look of app input form.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Fixed issue with the v1 appsession API showing v2 properties and vice versa.
    • Fixed issue with run requeues reaching the maximum number of retries after running multi-node Generate FASTQ.
    • Fixed issue with the run name being shown twice on the Run Summary page.
    • Fixed issue with the Generate FASTQ appsession being set to 'QC Failed' when one the FASTQ datasets it produced was manually set to 'QC Failed'.
    • Fixed issue with Charts on the Runs page sometimes not being shown after .bcl files for a run were deleted.
    • Fixed issue with the dashboard page not refreshing after accepting a shared or transferred run.
Last modified 1yr ago