Plan Runs


Use Run Planning tool in BaseSpace Sequence Hub to create and configure your run settings.

If your instrument is configured for Cloud mode or Hybrid mode, submit the run configuration to your BaseSpace Sequence Hub account. The run becomes available in the planned runs control software of the instrument.

If your instrument is configured for Local mode, use Run Planning tool to create your sample sheet in v2 file format. Alternatively, create a sample sheet without BaseSpace Sequence Hub using a provided template.

If your instrument is not configured for Cloud mode integration, you can export the sample sheet in v2 file format. Placing the sample sheet in the instrument run folder and sequencing with Run Monitoring and Storage enabled will allow the specified analysis to launch automatically when the upload to BaseSpace Sequence Hub completes.

Planning a run in BaseSpace Sequence Hub is available for the following sequencing systems:

If you want to plan a run for NextSeq 500, NextSeq 550 or MiniSeq, use the Prep Tab Run Planning.

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