February 6, 2018 - 5.13 - Improved Run Metrics and Analysis Input Pages

  • Features:
    • Improved Run Metrics page with reorganized layout, lane status color-coding, and run summary section.
    • Added ability to select setting to show or hide the phasing/pre-phasing columns on the Run Metrics page.
    • Improved styling of the analysis inputs page.
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • Fixed issue with the library prep kit dropdown showing an incomplete list of kits when uploading FASTQ files to a new library.
    • Fixed issue with apps being able to launch when the sample inputs had no files.
    • Fixed issue with launch simulation buttons not appearing in FormBuilder.
    • Fixed missing error message for selecting inactive workgroups.
    • Fixed error message language for requesting lab requeue for a canceled biosample.
    • Fixed messaging on app details page to correctly identify the latest version of the app.
    • Fixed issue with text running horizontally off the analysis inputs page when showing inputs from tabular fieldsets.
Last modified 7d ago