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Important information for MiSeq, MiniSeq, NextSeq500/550 and HiSeq users

Owners of these instruments need to take action in order to continue to use BaseSpace and other cloud services as soon as possible.


Early versions of our instruments run Windows 7, which does not support modern encryption standards, such as TLS 1.2. The encryption methods they support by default, TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 rely on the SHA-1 algorithm which is no longer considered secure. Cloud providers, such as Amazon and Microsoft are moving away from supporting these older ciphers, and we will be unable to support them from June 2023. While this change significantly improves our security, we it also means that these older instruments will not be able to connect or send data to our cloud services:

  • BaseSpace Sequence Hub

  • Illumina Connected Analytics

  • Checking and installing software updates online

  • Run monitoring through myIllumina

MiSeq, MiniSeq and NextSeq500/550 all have software updates available that install Windows 10, and support TLS 1.2 and above. You need to update your instruments before June to continue to use BaseSpace and other Illumina cloud services. See the table below for details on which versions are affected.

**HiSeq instruments were discontinued in 2018. We do not have an update option that will allow them to continue to use cloud services. **

Instrument TypeAffected VersionsRecommended Version


all before 4.0

4.0 or later


all before 4.0

4.0 or later

MiSeqDx (RUO mode)

all before 4.0

4.1 or later


all before 2.0

2.2 or later

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