Generate Usage Reports

Enterprise subscription accounts include usage history reports. Users and administrators can download detailed reports for selected billing periods.

  • Domain administrators can view and download usage history for all workgroups in the domain.

  • Workgroup administrators can view and download usage history for their workgroups.

  • All users can view and download their personal usage history. For more information about usage costs, see iCredits and Billing.

View Reports

View usage reports from the Usage section on your Settings page. The usage report contains the following information:

Billing Cycle—The billing cycle in which the usage was logged. Only the last 24 billing cycles are listed.

Total iCredits—The total number of iCredits accrued in the billing cycle.

Workgroup/User—The name of the personal account or workgroup that incurred charges during the billing period.

Storage iCredits—The storage iCredit charges accrued for the workgroup or personal account. Storage charges are recomputed daily.

App iCredits—The app iCredit charges accrued for the workgroup or personal account.

Compute iCredits—The compute iCredit charges accrued for the workgroup or personal account.

The usage information displayed on the BaseSpace Usage page only reflects usage tracked by BaseSpace and BaseSpace Apps. Usage tracked by Illumina Connected Analytics and other Illumina products can be found in the Usage tab of the Admin Console, available to workgroup and domain admins.

Download Report

You can download a *.csv file that contains more usage details.

  1. From the usage report screen, select the Download icon, then select a billing period.

  2. Select Save and save the CSV file in the designated folder. By default, the file is named Workgroup-[Workgroup-Name]-Usage-[YYYY-MM].csv.

Applications iCredit Consumption

  • Date—The date and time of the activity, in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  • App Name—The name of the app used.

  • iCredits Consumption—The total number of iCredits charged for the activity.

  • App Fee—The app license fee charge, in iCredits.

  • Compute Time Rate—The compute time rate, in number of iCredits per node hour.

  • Compute Time Used—The compute time, in fractional hours, for the activity.

  • Compute Time Consumption—The calculated compute charges for the activity, in iCredits.

  • User—The login email of the user.

  • App Session ID—The session ID of the application

Daily Storage Overage iCredit Consumption

  • Overage Amount—The storage amount exceeding your storage allotment.

  • iCredits Consumption—The storage charge, in iCredits, for the activity.

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