Manage Biosamples

Manage biosample data from the Biosample Details page.

From the biosample details page, you can do the following:

  • Edit biosample details such as name and default project.

  • Request a lab requeue for a biosample. See Requeue a Biosample.

  • Unlock a biosample.

  • Copy FASTQ datasets to another project.

Biosamples cannot be deleted, but the data in them can be using the 'FASTQs' and 'Other Datasets' tabs. See Delete Datasets.

Biosamples cannot be shared or transferred, however some biosample data might be shared if a project or run associated with the biosample is shared or transferred. For more information about sharing permissions, see Data Access After Share / Transfer.

Edit Biosample Name

You can change the name of a biosample. Note that the new name must be fewer than 100 characters, contain only alphanumeric, dash, or underscore characters, and must be unique. To change a biosample name,

  1. Select the File menu, select Edit, and then select Biosample Info.

  2. Change the biosample name using the field provided.

  3. Select Save.

Edit Biosample Details

You can edit additional biosample data such as container, position, and metadata using BaseSpace Sequence Hub APIs. For more information, see

Cancel a Biosample

You can cancel a biosample using BaseSpace Sequence Hub APIs. For more information, see When you cancel a biosample, analyses, and requeues that use the biosample are automatically cancelled.

Libraries, pools, and data sets associated with the biosample are affected by status changes, requeues, and deletions.

Change Default Project

You can change the default project for a biosample. You might do this if you want the output of autolaunched apps to be stored in a different project, or if you want to delete or transfer a project that is the default for one or more biosamples.

  1. From the Biosamples page, select the biosample.

  2. From the Summary tab of the Biosample Details page, select the File drop-down arrow, point to Edit, and then select Biosample Default Project.

  3. [Optional] Select New to create a new project.

  4. Select a project.

  5. Select 'Select'.

Deleting or transferring a project that is a default project for one or more biosamples will remove the default project for those biosamples. Biosamples without default projects may not launch Biosample Workflows or Planned Runs successfully. For best results, update any biosample(s) with a new default project before deleting or transferring projects.

Unlock a Biosample

Biosamples that contain aggregated data across runs and sample ID are locked to ensure their data are reviewed before being used in app analysis. For instructions on how to unlock Biosamples, see Unlock Biosamples.

Copy FASTQ Datasets

Biosample FASTQ datasets can be copied to another project. To copy FASTQ datasets, see Copy Datasets to Another Project.

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