Automate Lane QC

You can configure BaseSpace Sequence Hub to automatically apply a QC status to the lanes of sequencing runs as they complete. BaseSpace Sequence Hub compares the lane metrics to your predefined thresholds and assigns a lane status as QC Passed or QC Failed.

When a lane is set to QC failed, its data are excluded from downstream data analyses and total yield calculations.

Lane QC thresholds are configured per user (or per workgroup) and apply to all lanes generated for sequencing runs owned by the user.

For information about using the BaseSpace Sequence Hub API or CLI to configure lane QC thresholds, see the developer documentation at

Until automated QC settings have been configured, all lanes are set to QC Passed by default.

You can review and manually change the lane QC status after it has been applied. For information about manually applying QC status, see Manual QC.

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