Archival Storage
Archival storage moves data into long-term archives with lower data storage rates. It is intended for data that must be retained and do not require immediate access.
Data transfer to and from archival storage incurs additional fees per Terabyte transferred in the move. Restoring data that have been archived for a short period of time can result in higher storage costs.
Storage Product
Standard Storage
22.5 iCredits per TB per month
Default, instant free access
Archive Storage
2.0 Credits per TB per month
Around 2 days to restore, costs below
Transfer to Archive
20.0 iCredit per TB per transfer
Cost to move 1 TB from Standard to Archive
Restore from Archive
30.0 iCredit per TB per restore
Cost to move 1 TB from Archive back to Standard
For more information about storage costs, see the iCredits information page.
The following data can be archived:
  • Runs—Includes all files within the Data folder.
  • FASTQ and data set files—Includes all files within the data set.
Archived data appear in the run and data set lists. Filter the run or FASTQ lists to view only active or archived data.
How to Archive Data
How to Restore Data
Manage Archived Data
Using the Basespace CLI
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