September 21, 2021 - 6.13 - NovaSeq Run Setup Support


  • Instrument Run Setup now supports generating NovaSeq sample sheets. (Staged rollout complete Oct 1 2021)
  • Released BCL Convert version 1.3.0. View the app and detailed release notes here.
  • Released BaseSpace command-line interface (CLI) version 1.4.1. Download here or view detailed release notes.
  • Performance improvements and fixes.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue on the Biosample master list where the Biosample name was displayed in the Project column.
  • Fixed an issue in the Active runs list where the Transfer Ownership call to action remained enabled when that transfer was already pending.
  • Fixed an issue in Instrument Run Setup where the loading spinner disappears before the required APIs are loaded.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a resource to be stuck in the Archived state.
  • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly display an error message when copying a shared FASTQ dataset.

Release 6.13.1 - September 24, 2021

  • Features
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed an issue on the Instrument Run Setup page that blocked the Next button when run names started with numbers.
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