Add Analysis Workflows to an Existing Biosample

You can use the biosample workflow file to add new analysis workflow instructions to existing biosamples.

  1. Create a CSV file as follows. See Biosample Workflow File Format for more information about the template file and field requirements.

    1. Download or open a biosample workflow template.

    2. For each biosample, enter the following required information.

    3. Biosample Name—The unique identifier for the source DNA.

    4. Default Project—The default project for storing analysis data.

    5. Analysis Workflow—The name of the analysis workflow.

    6. [Optional] Enter additional analysis workflow parameters.

    7. Save the file.

  2. From the biosamples master list, select the File drop-down arrow, point to Upload, and then select Biosample Workflow.

  3. In the Upload a Biosample Workflow dialog, add your biosample workflow file.

All template columns must be present in the biosample workflow file, but the Default Project cannot be changed using a biosample workflow. If the biosample does not exist in the specified project, BaseSpace Sequence Hub creates a new biosample in the project. For information about changing the default project for a biosample, see Change Default Project.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub validates the file and identifies any errors.

  • If there are errors in the file, correct the file and upload it again.

  • If there are no errors, review the notifications and select Continue.

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