Analyze Data

BaseSpace Sequence Hub offers a wide variety of powerful NGS data analysis apps, including:

  • Illumina Core Apps: Developed or optimized and fully supported by Illumina

  • BaseSpace Lab Apps: Developed using an accelerated process to make them available to BaseSpace Sequence Hub users faster than conventional Illumina Apps, and provided as-is

  • Third-party apps: Developed and supported by a thriving ecosystem of third-party app providers in BaseSpace Sequence Hub

In addition, BaseSpace Sequence Hub enables users to develop custom bioinformatics apps in BaseSpace Sequence Hub. App developers are able to keep apps private, share with collaborators, or submit for publication.

Together, these apps cover the common data analysis methods used with Illumina sequencing data. These methods include RNA-Seq, exome /enrichment, amplicon, whole-genome sequencing (WGS), amplicon, de novo assembly, 16S metagenomics, and more.

For more information about BaseSpace Sequence Hub Apps, refer to the BaseSpace Sequence Hub Developer Portal

For information about manually launching apps, see Launching Apps.

For information about scheduling an analysis to automatically launch, see Analysis Workflows.

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