Software Overview

BaseSpace Sequence Hub is a cloud environment for analysis, storage, and sharing of genomic data. Stream data directly from your sequencing run and then analyze your results with BaseSpace Sequence Hub apps. BaseSpace Sequence Hub apps perform alignment, variant calling, data classification and visualization, and interpretation of results.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub has the following features:

  • Easily shares and transfers data for collaboration with colleagues and customers.

  • Analyzes and stores run data streamed from your sequencing system in real time.

  • Automatically converts data from standard file formats for use with any BaseSpace Core App or third-party analysis app.

  • Provides 1 Terabyte of complimentary data storage. Additional storage is available with Professional or Enterprise subscription accounts.

  • Records sample information and run parameters for quicker run setup.

  • Monitors sequencing runs using Sequencing Analysis Viewer (SAV) charts.

  • Offers an intuitive interface to prepare and launch complex analyses.

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