Biosample Overview

Biosamples are the identifiers for the original DNA samples that are prepared, sequenced, and analyzed to produce data. BaseSpace Sequence Hub automatically aggregates data across multiple sequencing runs, so you can easily see and analyze all of your biosample data at once. Sample sheet Sample IDs are automatically converted to biosample names on import.

Each biosample can be associated with a default project where output files are stored, however the biosample itself is not stored in the project. When analysis apps are launched, BaseSpace Sequence Hub aggregates data for all biosamples with the same name. For more information, see Automatic Data Aggregation.

  • Biosamples cannot be transferred, however some data associated with them is included in runs or projects that are shared or transferred.

  • Biosample name must be unique within the account.

  • Biosample names can include letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.

  • Biosample names are not case sensitive.

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