6.19.0 - ICA Integration Enhancements

March 15, 2022


  • Projects, datasets, and analyses with files stored in ICA can now be moved to the trash and deleted.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with the Instrument Run Setup tool, where the Lane column was incorrectly validated when using “Not Specified” for library prep kit.

  • Fixed an issue that could incorrectly set the size of an Analysis to 0.

  • Fixed an issue on the Run Sample Sheet tab where Date field values were incorrectly formatted.

Known Issues

  • FASTQ Generation and other apps very infrequently abort while uploading results.

  • For customers using Instrument Run Set up to create a v2 sample sheet for a NovaSeq SP 500 cycle run, the sample sheet produced has the I5 index sequence in the incorrect orientation. This assigns all sample reads to undetermined. To correct the issue, we recommend removing the "IndexOrientation Forward" flag from the [Header] section of the sample sheet.

Release 6.19.1 - March 31, 2022

  • Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed an issue in the application editing page used by administrators.

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