7.21.0 - Improved Look and Feel

April 16, 2024


  • Improved look and feel on the dashboard, runs spotlight section, navbar, and toolbar menus.

  • Updated the toolbar icons.

  • Added the option to switch to the correct Workgroup when following a Project or Analysis link.

  • Added the application category "Infectious Disease + Microbiology".

  • Added an analysis description in Microarray Analysis Setup that displays after selecting an analysis.

  • Updated the dropdown lists in Microarray Analysis Setup to sort alphabetically.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Run size from updating during upload.

  • Fixed an incorrect validation for the Override Cycles field in Run Planning that prevents user from setting up a run with Index1 as UMI and Index2 for demultiplexing.

  • Fixed an issue in Run Planning that occurred when importing a NextSeq1000/2000 planned run from a sample sheet that does not contain an OverrideCycles value.

  • Fixed an issue in Microarray Analysis Setup where a "Failed to import idats" message remained after re-importing valid files.

  • Fixed an issue in Microarray Analysis Setup where uploading an invalid Product Descriptor file would cause the Add Custom Configuration modal to hang.

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