Share By Link

Use the Get Link option to share a run or project with any collaborator who has access to the invitation link. This option is an easy way to share project or run data without having to specify email and set permissions.

When you activate a link and share the URL, collaborators can accept the invitation and view the data in their account. When the link is deactivated, access is limited to collaborators who have already accepted the invitation.

  1. Select a project or run.

  2. Select Share, then select Get Link.

  3. Select Activate.

  4. Copy the URL to share with collaborators.

  5. To deactivate the link, navigate to the project or run, select Share, point to Get Link, and then select Deactivate.

The deactivated URL is permanently disabled and cannot be reactivated. To enable sharing again, activate a new link.

Runs and projects have separate permissions. When you share a run, the associated project is not automatically shared. Biosamples and other resources are not accessible to collaborators of a run.

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