Import Sample Libraries

Use the following instructions to import libraries to the Libraries page from a CSV file.

This method is appropriate for the following:

  • Prepared libraries

  • Samples with assigned indexes If your samples do not have indexes assigned and are not in libraries, use Import Biological Samples.

  1. On the Libraries page, select Import.

  2. [Optional] Create a CSV file as follows.

    1. Select the spreadsheet image to download a template.

    2. For each sample, enter the following information.

    3. Sample ID—The unique sample ID.

    4. Name—A descriptive name for the biological sample.

    5. [Optional] Species—The appropriate species.

    6. [Optional] Project—The name of the project to save samples to. Although optional at this step, a project is required later to store the data.

    7. NucleicAcid—The nucleid acid, either RNA or DNA.

    8. Well—The plate well.

    9. Index1Name—The Index 1 name.

    10. Index1Sequence—The Index 1 sequence.

    11. Index2Name—The Index 2 name.

    12. Index2Sequence—The Index 2 sequence.

  3. Select Choose .csv File.

  4. Browse to and select the appropriate CSV file, and then select Open. The information from the file populates the Import Sample Libraries page.

  5. [Optional] Select additional libraries as follows.

    1. Select Save & Continue Later.

    2. Select the checkbox of each library you want to use.

  6. Select Pool Libraries.

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