Import Sample Libraries

Use the following instructions to import libraries to the Libraries page from a CSV file.

This method is appropriate for the following:

  • Prepared libraries

  • Samples with assigned indexes If your samples do not have indexes assigned and are not in libraries, use Import Biological Samples.

  1. On the Libraries page, select Import.

  2. [Optional] Create a CSV file as follows.

    1. Select the spreadsheet image to download a template.

    2. For each sample, enter the following information.

    3. Sample ID—The unique sample ID.

    4. Name—A descriptive name for the biological sample.

    5. [Optional] Species—The appropriate species.

    6. [Optional] Project—The name of the project to save samples to. Although optional at this step, a project is required later to store the data.

    7. NucleicAcid—The nucleid acid, either RNA or DNA.

    8. Well—The plate well.

    9. Index1Name—The Index 1 name.

    10. Index1Sequence—The Index 1 sequence.

    11. Index2Name—The Index 2 name.

    12. Index2Sequence—The Index 2 sequence.

    13. Save the file.

  3. Select Choose .csv File.

  4. Browse to and select the appropriate CSV file, and then select Open. The information from the file populates the Import Sample Libraries page.

  5. [Optional] Select additional libraries as follows.

    1. Select Save & Continue Later.

    2. Select the checkbox of each library you want to use.

  6. Select Pool Libraries.

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