January 10, 2018 - 5.11 - New Run Details Charts Measurements and AmpliSeq for Illumina Support

  • Features:
    • Added new measurements to the Charts section of the Run details page: additional Phasing and Pre-Phasing metrics, % No Call, and Median QScore.
    • Added Occupied Count (K) and % Occupied measurements for compatible instrument types to the Charts section of the Run details page.
    • Updated menus in the Charts section of the Run details page to show only data types available for the current cycle during the instrument run.
    • The Run details page now provides Extracted, Called, and Scored cycles as a minimum-maximum range during an instrument run.
    • A parent analyses is now marked as Aborted when all child analyses have aborted.
    • Added AmpliSeq Library PLUS for Illumina kit to Prep Tab.
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • Fixed missing display field text on app input forms
    • Fixed issue with Analysis Details page not showing all analysis reports
    • Fixed issue with Prep Tab pools showing only the first 20 samples
    • Fixed issue with Cancel Analysis from Biosample analysis page
    • Fixed an issue that could cause missing Indexing QC results for NovaSeq S4 flow cells
    • Fixed issue with scheduled analyses from workflows not being moved to the trash when the corresponding project is moved to the trash
###Release 5.11.1 - January 15, 2018
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • Fixed issue with Internet Explorer browser running slowly when opening an app input form
    • Fixed issue that prevented the creation of a new project from the project chooser window
    • Fixed issue that could cause the Run details page for NovaSeq S4 runs to show Indexing QC data for Lane 1 only
Last modified 7d ago