December 01, 2015 - 3.23.0 - FASTQ Generation and Run UI Updates

  • New FASTQ Generation App v1.0.0 in BaseSpace (see below for more details)
  • Updates to the Run details page
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed import and export bugs related to Windows 10
    • Fix for incorrect search results being returned
    • Fixed an issue related to sharing data that resulted in conflicts

FASTQ Generation App v1.0.0

FASTQ Generation Icon
  • Up to 10x overall speed improvement
  • Improved robustness, more common in larger volume datasets
  • All FASTQ workflows on the Runs List page have been renamed Generate FASTQ. We will not be reprocessing old Runs, just adjusting the name
  • AppSessions/Analyses for the app are now visible in the Analysis section of your Projects
    • FASTQ Generation now has a new icon (above)
    • Includes log files and all input information
    • After the app completes, the Log Files link on the Analysis page will contain key files such as DemuxSummary, Sample Sheet Used, and Adapter Trimming
    • Known limitation: Sample sheet is a string of text
  • The Legacy App (old version of FASTQ Generation) is called BaseSpace FastQ v1.0.0 and the new App is called FASTQ Generation v1.0.0
  • MiSeq Runs will still use the MSR FASTQ Generation workflow (the mechanism to requeue FASTQ Generation has not changed)
  • FASTQ Generation is now a BaseSpace Native App