7.9.0 - Multi-Analysis Run Planning

February 14th, 2023


  • Added additional support for NovaSeqX instruments.

  • Improved integration for datasets, biosamples, reports, and metrics generated by analyses run in ICA.

  • Moved the Run Planning pages for viewing and creating kits, genomes, and reference files out of Settings and into a new Resources page. This page can be accessed through the Account drop-down list, by clicking "Resources".

  • Run Planning additions and improvements:

    • Added the ability to configure multiple secondary analysis configurations, for supported instrument types.

    • Added a "fill down" function for the Lane column in the Sample Table. Doing so will copy the first row's value to all other rows.

Bugs Fixed

  • Improved the performance of pages displaying large tables and lists.

  • Fixed a bug in Run Planning where error messages would refer to Well Position instead of Index ID.

Release 7.9.1 - February 20th, 2023

  • Features

    • None.

  • Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed an issue that could cause BCL Convert appsessions to stall during post-processing in cases where a sample was sequenced across multiple lanes.

    • Fixed an issue that caused reports from certain apps to fail to load for completed analyses.

  • Known Issues

    • When multiple datasets with the same name are generated from an analysis, only one for each name is displayed on the Analysis Files tab.

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