September 11, 2018 - 5.26 - Storage Limit Banner Notifications

  • Features

    • Added banner notifications for Basic accounts that have exceeded data storage limits.

    • Improved text formatting in the screens for uploading miscellaneous file types.

    • Improved design of the available app selection list for launching apps.

  • Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed an issue with FASTQ Generation failure when processing NovaSeq data with 384 samples per lane. FASTQ Generation can now process up to 1000 samples per lane for NovaSeq. Staged roll out complete.

    • Fixed an issue that caused Analysis summary pages to hang.

    • Fixed the dashboard widget and usage reports to correctly display the number of iCredits used for app purchases.

    • Fixed the runs list display of run sizes larger than 1 TB. The run size is now rounded to two decimal places.

    • Fixed an issue that caused chart displays to load slowly. As a result, the InterOp folder now includes a cache subfolder that contains additional files.

    • Improved the usability of the BaseSpace app launch pages. Some input fields have been widened to increase legibility.

    • Fixed the display of the settings page loading icon, which was appearing in duplicate.

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