July 9, 2019 - 5.36 - New Ways to Access Datasets

  • Features
    • Added FASTQ Datasets and Other Datasets tabs to the projects page. Other Datasets includes uploaded files, and app files that are not part of a biosample.
    • Added Run and Flow Cell ID data to the biosample dataset tooltips.
    • Added banner notifications for expiring or expired subscriptions.
    • Updated the share link deactivation confirmation to include information about managing user access after the link is deactivated.
    • Adjusted the display of base pair numbers. When the number of base pairs exceeds 1000 Gbp, the scale is adjusted to display in Tbp.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where FASTQ validation continued after a file upload was cancelled.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed setting a library's prep kit to a deleted kit
    • Fixed an issue where uploading runs from both sides of a HiSeq flow cell could cause duplication of the project name.
    • Security Fixes

Release 5.36.1 - July 22, 2019

  • Features
    • Updated to support Enterprise apps (staged release complete 2019-08-06).
    • Performance improvements.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • None.
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