Launching Apps

You can launch apps that perform additional analysis, visualization, or annotation of data. Running apps can incur a charge.

These instructions do not apply to sample sheet-driven apps (from MiSeq), which are launched automatically.

  1. To start an app, do one of the following:

    • Navigate to the project or sample that you want to run the app on, select the Launch Apps button, and select the desired app from the drop-down list.

    • From the Apps page, select the desired app from the list and select Launch.

  2. Read the End-User License Agreement and permissions, and then select Accept.

The app guides you through the start-up process. BaseSpace Sequence Hub has limited storage capacity and checks the free space available before starting an app. If there is not enough available space, BaseSpace Sequence Hub displays an error message. See Delete and Restore Data to learn how to save space in your account.

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