Basespace API

Sequencing data has traditionally been stored in non-centralized locations, which offer little uniformity of data management across locations. BaseSpace Sequence Hub transforms data management by creating an environment with large stores of sequencing data, which can be easily accessed and analyzed online with a store of applications. Third-party vendors can develop their own apps for BaseSpace Sequence Hub. BaseSpace Sequence Hub offers the following benefits as a development platform:

  • Easy access to data: sequencing data are automatically uploaded from instrument to BaseSpace Sequence Hub

  • Consistent data retrieval: with a few lines of code, access data with the BaseSpace Sequence Hub API and SDKs

  • Write once, execute often: when an app is written and published, all users can launch it

  • Flexible billing: apps can bill customers as little or as much as they wish

  • Highly scalable: data storage and analysis scales because BaseSpace Sequence Hub is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Flexible app hosting: apps can be hosted on any website, desktop, or mobile application, or inside BaseSpace Sequence Hub as a Native App.

  • Easy sharing: users can easily share their data and results

Developers can create apps using the BaseSpace Sequence Hub Application Programming Interface (API) or the Software Development Kits (SDKs) available for Java, R, Ruby, and Python. Both approaches offer safe and easy access to BaseSpace Sequence Hub data for Apps to analyze, visualize, monitor, etc.

Apps access data using the BaseSpace Sequence Hub RESTful API. The API can be accessed via simple HTTPS requests using any programming language and is organized to allow you to get to the data you need quickly.

The SDKs are available for several programming languages and make it even easier for developers to write applications or to integrate existing ones. The SDKs work by exposing what the API has to offer natively without the developer needing to worry about building their own HTTPS requests. This tool allows rapid development and integration with BaseSpace Sequence Hub data and a simple mechanism of discovering what the API has to offer.

For more information, see the BaseSpace Sequence Hub API documentation.

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