February 20, 2018 - 5.14 - Bug Fixes

  • Features:
    • Added capability to product switcher dropdown menu to dynamically update for available Illumina products
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • Fixed issue with missing Metrics link on analyses pages for both imported files and FASTQ Generation runs.
    • Fixed rare issue with the Regenerate FASTQ where action could occur more than once for a run when button was clicked more than once.
    • Fixed issue where editing a project description did not lead to automatic refresh of the project page.
    • Fixed issue where the infinite scrolling on the apps list did not work properly when loading the page with large browser windows.
    • Fixed an issue where the summary metrics tooltip in the Runs list showed metrics for Index Read 1 instead of Data Read 2 for "R2"
    • Fixed issue with inconsistent dates for the billing cycle on the dashboard widget and the user settings storage page.
Last modified 7d ago