How to Use Workgroups

After you accept an invitation to join a workgroup, it is available in the Account drop-down list. When you use a workgroup to access BaseSpace Sequence Hub, you use the group account, which may have different data, settings, and resources than your personal account.

  1. Click the Account drop-down arrow, and select a workgroup.
  2. If you are an admin, you can rename the workgroup as follows.
    1. From Settings, click Manage Workgroups, then click Overview.
    2. Click change name.
    3. In the dialog box, enter the new name, and click Save.
  3. To return to your personal account, click the Account drop-down arrow, and select Personal.


If you are in your personal account, your name is displayed next to the Account drop-down arrow; if you are in a workgroup, the workgroup name is displayed.


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