Basic and Free Trial Accounts

Free trial accounts

BaseSpace Sequence Hub offers a limited 30-day free trial for new accounts. New free trial accounts have access to the following features.

  • 1 TB free storage—Additional storage can be purchased with promotional iCredits.
  • 250 iCredits—Promotional iCredits are valid for 30 days and can be used to pay for additional storage, compute, and third-party app fees.
  • All BaseSpace Sequence Hub Apps—Access to all BaseSpace Sequence Hub apps during the trial period.

Free trial accounts may be upgraded to Professional or Enterprise subscription accounts. To learn more, please contact your sales representative.

Basic accounts

After the trial period ends, accounts that have not upgraded to Professional or Enterprise subscriptions are automatically converted to Basic tier accounts with limited storage and app access. To ensure uninterrupted service, contact your sales representative about upgrading to a Professional or Enterprise subscription.

  • 1 TB storage—Basic accounts are limited to 1 TB storage. To increase your storage, contact your sales representative about upgrading to a Professional or Enterprise Account.
    • All Basic accounts can perform instrument runs, download data, and delete data.
    • Basic accounts using more than 1 TB storage cannot move data, share data, or run any apps until storage is reduced to less than 1 TB.
  • Free apps—Access to a limited set of free BaseSpace Sequence Hub apps.
    • Elastic Genome Browser
    • FASTA Upload
    • FASTQ Generation
    • Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV)
    • mtDNA Variant Analyzer
    • mtDNA Variant Processor
    • Protein Expression Assembler
    • Protein Expression Workflow
    • SWATHAtlas Ion Library
    • TruSeq Long-Read Assembly
    • TruSeq Phasing Analysis
    • Variant Studio

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