BaseSpace Sequence Hub UI Overview

The BaseSpace Sequence Hub User Interface (UI) has a number of common UI elements that are shared between all BaseSpace Sequence Hub pages, and which enable general tasks. Mainly the UI can be divided into:

  • Toolbar Elements
  • Contact Us Button
  • Bottom Panes
  • Links at the Bottom

Header elements

The following documentation describes the actions available in the header within BaseSpace Sequence Hub.

Dashboard tab

After login, the first tab users see is the dashboard. The dashboard provides access to notifications, iCredits, and your latest runs, projects, and app results. The dashboard is always accessible in BaseSpace Sequence Hub from the button in the header.


This section shows notifications, with the most recent listed at the top. There are multiple types of notifications :

  • Collaborators
    • Collaborator joined a project/run of which you are a member
    • Collaborator invited you to a project/run
    • (optionally) collaborator has included a personal message
    • Collaborator recommended an App
    • Collaborator accepted your offer to transfer ownership
    • Collaborator offered to transfer ownership to you.
  • Messages from Illumina
    • New Demo data set
    • Announcement of a new feature

Runs Pane

The bottom left pane of the BaseSpace Sequence Hub dashboard shows the three most recent runs, and is updated automatically. Clicking the Runs pane opens the Runs tab. Clicking a run opens the Runs tab with the run loaded.

Projects Pane

The bottom middle pane of the BaseSpace Sequence Hub dashboard shows the three most recent projects. The folder icon indicates the sharing status of the project: if it shows several people , the project is shared. Clicking the Projects pane opens the Projects tab. Clicking a project opens the Projects tab with the project loaded.

App Results Pane

The right bottom pane of the BaseSpace Sequence Hub dashboard shows the most recent app results. Clicking an app result provides charts relevant for the app used in the Projects tab. For more information, see App Results Page.

Prep tab

The Prep tab enables you to set up a sequencing run on the NextSeq sequencing system. This tab is only available for NextSeq sequencing systems at the moment. Other Illumina sequencing instruments use a sample sheet to provide sample information to BaseSpace Sequence Hub.

Runs tab

The Runs button leads to the runs list, which allows you to sort your runs based on experiment name, state, workflow, created date, machine, and owner.

Projects tab

The Projects button opens a list of your projects. You can sort the list by name, last update, or owner. Clicking a project provides access to the app results and samples within that project.

Apps tab

The Apps button leads to the Apps page, which provides an overview of the BaseSpace Sequence Hub applications that you can run.

Public Data tab

The Public Data page provides an overview of the publicly available data sets that you can use. Clicking a data set provides more information for that set, and allows you to import the run or project. You can search for apps using the Search Public Data box, or filter by the research areas and categories listed on the right.

Search icon

The Search box allows you to find analyses, runs, projects, or samples.

Accounts tab

The Account drop-down list provides access to:

  • iCredits
  • MyAccount
  • MyIllumina Dashboard
  • FAQ: leads to a number of frequently asked questions and Illumina-provided answers
  • Terms: leads to the User Agreement
  • Blog: leads to the blog. Check out for the latest news, developments, and updates
  • Sign out

Contact Us button

BaseSpace Sequence Hub users can access Help, contact support or provide feedback almost instantly in the matter of few clicks. See Contact Us.

Footer Links

The bottom links provide access to more information:

  • Help: redirects users to the online help website for BaseSpace Sequence Hub
  • FAQ: leads to a number of frequently asked questions and Illumina-provided answers.
  • Developers: leads to the developers portal where you can learn more about creating apps in BaseSpac Hub
  • Terms: leads to the BaseSpace Sequence Hub User Agreement
  • Blog: leads to the BaseSpace Sequence Hub blog. Check out the BaseSpace Sequence Hub log for the latest news, updates, and developments, and to subscribe to updates.

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