New to BaseSpace Sequence Hub?

Sequencing data has traditionally been stored in non-centralized locations, which offer little uniformity of data management across locations. BaseSpace Sequence Hub greatly simplifies access to sequencing data via data centralization and ease-of-use genetic data. Now sequencing labs can easily and securely analyze, archive, and share sequencing data.

Discover the possibilities

Planning a sequencing run with Prep tab


Create Samples

Create biological samples to be sequenced directly in Hub.


Prep Libraries

Prepare sample libraries for sequencing


Pool Libraries

Pool sample libraries on the plate.


Plan Runs

Finish planning the run to be picked up by the sequencing instrument.

Monitor your sequencing runs

Run Charts

Charts are updated in real-time as the machine sequences the data.

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Run Summary

An overall summary of the Run quality information is available.

Analyze your data


Find an App

Discover applications in the BaseSpace Sequence Hub Apps tab.

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Launch the app

To analyze your data, simply click Launch on an app.

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Enter Analysis input and parameters

Before the analysis is started, you will be asked to fill out some input parameters.


Monitor the analysis

Some applications will report information back to the user while running the analysis, this information can be viewed directly in BaseSpace Sequence Hub.


Read Analysis report

Once the analysis is complete, the app will prepare a report for you in BaseSpace Sequence Hub with more information about the analysis and results.

Manage your data

Share with one or many users

Share data with individual users (AND) Share data with many users at once using the Link option.

Transfer ownership

Grant another user some or full ownership of any of your data.

Manage data in your account

Copy data to other locations in BaseSpace Sequence Hub (AND) Remove or delete data from your BaseSpace Sequence Hub account.