How to launch an app

Launching an app is one of the most essential and basic features in the BaseSpace Hub platform.


Apps can incur storage, compute, or third-party license fees. If an app terminates due to a BaseSpace Sequence Hub error, fees associated with the terminated run are not charged; if the app is terminated by a user, fees associated with the terminated run are applied.

An app can be launched in one of two ways.



Launch App

Select the 'Apps' icon and click on the 'Launch' button of the desired App.


The filters under the Categories on the right hand side allow you to further narrow the list of applications




Launch App through Project

Select the 'Projects' icon and click on any desired project. Then, from the project page, select Launch App and select an app from the drop down menu.



Fill and Continue

In the App input form, select the input parameters. Make sure that all the inputs are correctly configured, then click Continue.

After the app launches, it opens the analysis page and displays the current status of the analysis.


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