Manage Domain Users and Administrators

Use the User Management tab in the Settings window to view and manage users in your domain account.

View Users

View a list of the current users in your domain account.

  1. Under User Management, click Users.

Add Users to a Domain Account

You can allow all users in an email domain to access your BaseSpace Sequence Hub domain account. You might do this to give access to everyone in your company without adding them individually. Do not allow common email domain names, such as or

You can also allow specific users outside your company (for example, a collaborator at a core lab).

  1. Under User Management, click Allowed Emails.
  2. Enter an email domain name (for example,, and click Add. Do not include the @ symbol.
  3. To allow access to specific users, enter the individual email address, and click Add.
  4. Click Save Changes.

View and Manage User State

View user account details and verify whether a user is active in the domain. You can also expire a user account to prevent them from logging in to the domain.

  1. Under User Management, click User State.
  2. In the Set User State window, enter the user's email address, and click Check.
  3. To expire a user account, select the Expire User checkbox, and click Save.
  4. To restore an expired user account, clear the Expire User checkbox, and click Save.

Manage Domain Administrators

Domain administrators can create workgroups and assign workgroup administrators. Only users who are part of the domain account can be added as domain administrators.

Use the following steps to add or remove domain administrators.

  1. Under User Management, click Administrators.
  2. [Optional] Click Remove next to an administrators name to remove them.
  3. In the Domain administrator window, click Configure an administrator.
  4. In the Email field, enter the email address of the user you want to be a domain administrator, and click Check.
  5. Enter the user's first and last name, and then click Save.

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